Flexible Leadership: Empowering to develop, changing to adapt, contributing to sustainable development

Prior to the New Year of 2024, two senior leadership representatives from KMS Technology had a conversation with Saigon Times. The subjects of the conversation included operating philosophy, the vision of the organization’s development, and personal viewpoints regarding clients and employees, partners, and the community, all of which have played a role in shaping the distinctive corporate culture that KMS has cultivated for the last fifteen years.

Mr. Tran Trong Dai is the Managing Director of KMS Technology and an MBA graduate of the University of Hawaii (Manoa, USA). Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu, who has nearly two decades of management experience in the IT industry, is the current General Manager of KMS Technology Da Nang.

Flexible management, empowering each individual to develop

The IT industry is a rapidly evolving and easily eliminated sector. Any organization that “moves slowly” is “failing to capitalize on the opportunity for individual growth.” The expansion of the organization occurred concurrently with the growth of the human resources. The ‘moving together’ mentality is established through reciprocal trust, both within leadership circles and between leadership and staff – Mr. Dai introduced and relayed the story to SaigonTimes.

Mr. Tran Trong Dai – Managing Director of KMS Technology.

“Throughout its history, KMS Technology has operated on the principle of trust, knowing that the company’s greatest asset is the contribution of its employees and not their control over it. Since our beginnings in 2009, our founders and leadership team have maintained an unwavering dedication to create an environment that fosters long-term employee retention.” The Managing Director of KMS Technology reaffirms the enthusiasm that has characterized the company for the past 15 years. “When a new project is initiated at KMS, the leaders are not only pleased with the revenue but also with the additional opportunities the engineers on their team have to grow and improve their expertise and enhance their professional expertise.”

Appropriately implemented flexibility in corporate governance not only prevents moving off track but also strengthens “customer-centricity,” where enhanced efficiency generates additional value for both clients and employees. Long-standing members and newcomers alike are provided with the most suitable personal development opportunity to grow a team that can “go together.”

Engineer team at KMS Technology Vietnam.

“KMS creates a comprehensive procedure for hiring and onboarding new members. We pay special attention to introducing new hires to the company’s orientation, mission, core values, and culture from the outset,” Mr. Hieu said. “At first, I was surprised to see how ‘comfortable’ the organization was with new hires. However, with time, I grew accustomed to it and understood that this is a flexible approach to management. The company trusts and empowers experienced people, helping them develop their strengths, thereby spreading positive values while integrating deeper and faster into the company culture.”  Mr. Hieu described his experiences as an employee.

Changing to adapt, focusing on efficiency

Regarding the fluctuation of the economy and the organizational adaptability that it demands, the leadership of KMS provides insights into change. During the early stages of business development, the leadership team emphasized organizational culture, team cohesion, and managerial proficiencies. This foundation has assisted the organization in establishing a strong basis for future growth and progress. In light of numerous market shifts and emerging trends, the business culture must also instill a sense of urgency to adjust to maintain a competitive edge.

“KMS will continue to ‘fuel for growth’ to breakthrough with an attitude of not being afraid of change. We aim to continue gaining an understanding of global trends and forecasting potential scenarios, thus formulating the most strategic preparation approaches to deliver urgent services and optimized solutions to clients,” Mr. Dai remarked. “AI has been the subject of the most discussion recently, at KMS, we have had a research team for years and are always prepared to pioneer the developments. Going in the wrong direction can cost you money and opportunities, but that is not a reason to be afraid of trying and changing,” Mr. Dai said about the essential DNA of KMS Technology.

“Giving back” as a pillar for sustainable development

According to Mr. Hieu, the sustainability of an organization is supported by three pillars: business potential, human development, and community contribution. “Each individual within the organization shares this collective responsibility. The leaders should pioneer and encourage employees to initiate and spread the words from the headquarters to each branch.”

Since the early days, the leadership team of KMS Technology has adhered firmly to the company’s guiding principle that “The more successful we are, the more we need to contribute to the community.” KMS is committed to supporting partnership initiatives with esteemed non-profit organizations in education, health care, technology advancement, and career counseling. Furthermore, the company aims to establish an environment where employees are motivated to dedicate 1% of their time to developing ideas and programs that positively impact society.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu – General Manager of KMS Da Nang, presented the lab to PNV.

Mr. Dai shared, “There is no limit to the employee’s ability to contribute. The company provides financial support to operational experience for individuals when they have ideas and plans to execute their community activities, helping them gain more motivation and confidence to help the community.”

According to the most recent statistics, up to December 2023, the company has contributed more than 18,000 volunteer hours, with 1,295 volunteers and 106 different projects, contributing about 138,000 USD to the community through diverse activities, spanning many fields from education, healthcare, to the environment.

January 2024 marks the 15th anniversary of the establishment and development of KMS Technology – a pioneering software services company with 1,500 employees working in Vietnam, the United States, and Mexico. The company focuses on developing software services in diverse fields, focusing on key areas of health care, finance, banking & insurance, with the target markets in the US and Asia-Pacific. KMS continues sustaining its commitment to business success and added value contributions to customers, employees, community & society. This philosophy has been nurtured by KMS leadership and staff since the early days of its establishment.


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