KMS Technology Partners with the Eye Care Foundation to Aid in the Community’s Vision Impairment Prevention and Treatment

June 1, 2022 – KMS Technology Company announced a collaboration agreement with the non-governmental organization Eye Care Foundation (ECF), provided a 100 million VND sponsorship, and joined a team of Ophthalmologists, supporting ECF in its objective of preventing and treating eye disorders and visual impairment for students in the Mekong Delta region.

Eye care support: prevention, treatment of blindness and vision impairment

KMS Technology, a software services company with over 1500 workers in Vietnam and the United States, has just signed a memorandum of understanding to support the Eye Care Foundation (ECF), a non-profit organization located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. ECF initiatives have been in place in Vietnam since 1999. Over the past two decades, ECF has funded a variety of eye care projects in Mekong Delta and HCMC regions.

Through its primary partners, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and provincial hospitals, ECF strives to increase community awareness of eye health, particularly among students and parents, as well as providing professional training for the local ophthalmology staff. 

For KMS Technology, healthcare and medical software product development are a specialized service area. Stemming from the similarity of core values, KMS cooperating with ECF opens up opportunities for both sides to optimize their contributions to the social community in a practical and sustainable way. In addition to the first contribution of 100,000,000 VND, KMS Technology intends to provide long-term assistance to ECF through its experience in building healthcare applications and high-quality technical people resources.

Eye care festival for 350 students in Vinh Long

As the official start of the long-term partnership, on May 21, 2022, the Eye Care Festival at Long Ho Town Secondary School in Vinh Long Province hosted participants from both organizations. The morning event was attended by about 350 children in grades 6 and 7, parents, physicians from Vinh Long Eye Specialist Hospital, and volunteers from KMS Technology.

According to ECF studies, the age range of 11 to 15 years old accounts for a significant number of children with eye disorders, mostly refractive defects of the eyes, due to a lack of knowledge of eye healthcare or an inability to test and treat appropriately.

At the Eye Care Festival, students engaged in 15 activities that incorporated eye care knowledge in an effort to increase their awareness of the significance of excellent eyesight. During the initial screening, 66 youngsters who were shown to have refractive errors were later thoroughly checked by the doctors, and 42 of them received free glasses. In addition, ophthalmologists from Vinh Long Eye Specialist Hospital spoke with parents and offered information on various prevalent eye illnesses in children and adults. As a result, it helps families in raising knowledge about eye care, adjusting eye-related habits, and detecting eye problems to bring their children to medical facilities for quick inspection and treatment in time. 


About KMS Technology

KMS was established in 2009 as a U.S.-based software development & consulting company with development centers in Vietnam. Over 13 years of operation, we have been trusted globally for the superlative quality of software services, products, technology solutions, and engineers’ expertise. KMS is committed to providing tangible contributions and long-lasting impacts to the communities through leveraging our IT expertise. The company has also been recognized by prestigious industry awards as a great workplace in Vietnam, Asia, and the U.S. for many years in a row.


About Eye Care Foundation

The Eye Care Foundation (ECF) is a non-governmental organization based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The ECF’s mission is to assist in the prevention and treatment of blindness and vision impairment in developing countries. In Vietnam, ECF activities have been in place since 1999, supporting eye care programs in provinces in the Mekong Delta and two major cities: HCMC and Hanoi.


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