KMS Sponsors Newborns Vietnam with an Online Tool for Neonatal Doctors Training in Vietnam


Ho Chi Minh City, 20 March 2020 – KMS Solutions announced their sponsorship for Newborns Vietnam – a UK registered charity dedicated to reducing neonatal mortality in South East Asia, with a specific focus on Vietnam. Under this sponsorship, KMS Solutions offered to develop an E-portfolio – an online learning tool that facilitates and records the assessments of doctors’ training throughout their career, with the focus on that of the diagnosis and care of preterm and sick newborns.

The KMS team stands in front of a banner reading "KMS Solutions sponsors technology and application development for newborns Vietnam."

According to UNICEF, 70% of all infants’ deaths are newborns in their first twenty-eight days of life. In Vietnam, the healthcare system and standards of care for preterm and sick babies trail those of more developed countries. Only 10% of Vietnamese medical practitioners are certified to provide proper care to newborn infants.

Tien Nguyen, Newborns Vietnam Trustee said: “to address the deficit of specialist training, Newborns Vietnam brings UK experts to train and work alongside Vietnamese doctors and support our country adopting international training systems for our hospitals”. 

Newborns Vietnam (NBV)’s neonatal training program aims to equip post-graduate doctors with specialist knowledge of neonatal care. Its curriculum consists of units of competencies, each one has a learning outcome that a doctor under the training is required to earn (thus the term competency-based training). Due to this nature of the training, NBV needs an E-portfolio that captures the doctors’ progress in reaching the required levels of competencies. 

Thus, E-portfolio is created to serve as an electronic logbook that documents, stores, and manages doctors’ achievements and practicing licenses that they have earned thus far, ensuring that the doctors remain qualified to practice medicine, with specific regard to neonatology. 

Once launched, the E-portfolio will also support the Ministry of Health with the review of postgraduate medical education and the introduction of competency-based specialist neonatal training. It also holds promise to reinforce the impacts of the local healthcare system on the well-being of newborn infants in Vietnam.

NBV is currently working with the Ministry of Health to develop pediatric specialty training and neonatal subspecialty as a national program, which under the new regulation, all doctors working with children are required to complete. It is estimated that 15-20% of graduates will study general pediatrics, amounting to 1,600 per year who will do an element of neonatology. Therefore, the E-portfolio will play an important role in the development of pediatricians and neonatologists.

Dr. Andrew Lyon – online in Edinburgh checking in with the KMS Solutions team in HCMC.

According to Mr. Le Tran Bao Duy, General Director of KMS Solutions “We admire Newborns Vietnam’s work and their capacity to give. In six years, more than two hundred UK neonatal doctors and nurses have donated their time to teach our doctors. We hope our support will give universities, hospitals, and young doctors an education platform that will advance the medical training in our country and move us closer to world-class care for every baby.”

This project is part of KMS Solutions’ commitment to making a long-lasting social impact on the community through social projects and technology-related activities. 

KMS is part of Pledge 1% – an impressive network of entrepreneurs and companies across the globe that have committed to incorporating philanthropic efforts into their business. They pledge to give 1% of the product, 1% of equity, 1% of profit, and 1% of employee time to improve communities around the world. 

About Newborns Vietnam:

Newborns Vietnam is a United Kingdom registered charity (registration number 1144562), and a company limited by guarantee (company number 07787718) that is licensed to operate as an NGO in Vietnam.  Our mission is to ‘save newborn lives’ by reducing neonatal mortality (newborn deaths in the first 28 days of life) and promoting the health of newborn infants and their mothers in Southeast Asia with a specific focus on Vietnam. For more information please visit

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