KMS’s Experience Volunteering at 48in48

KMS Technology had the privilege to participate in the hackathon-style event 48in48 on the weekend of October 12, 2018, in Atlanta. This national organization hosts events in several cities and countries to create websites for 48 local nonprofits in 48 hours. These deserving nonprofits gain exposure through the websites created at the event, empowering them to continue growing and fulfilling their mission.

Since the first event in 2015, 48in48 has successfully built hundreds of websites at a value of more than $10.5 million. KMS had a big part in adding to their portfolio over the weekend! Not only did we build two websites in 48 hours but, thanks to our fabulous team of testers in Vietnam, we were able to provide quality control for every team and every website launched at the event.

The 48in48 leaders definitely agree! Thanks to the team of volunteers from KMS Technology, our volunteers for 48in48 Atlanta have been able to develop websites of quality with attention to detail for their nonprofit organizations,” said Jenny Bradley, City Project Manager Chair.

KMS VP of Testing, Mush Honda, said that it’s great to see how the “technology skills possessed by my fellow techies can directly translate into a helping hand for the wonderful non-profit organizations within Atlanta. We may not be very helpful with hammers and saws, but being able to help make a difference for these organizations with our ‘everyday skills’ is great!”

KMS had the pleasure of partnering with two local nonprofits: Serenity Steps and Girls & Guys Organized for Anointed Living (G.O.A.L). The nonprofit leaders were very grateful for our “world-class, exceptional professional service” (Stacy Zant, G.O.A.L.). Our dedicated employees worked all weekend (yes, even through the night) either on-site or remotely to make sure both organizations received quality sites.


When the time came to build out the site, while I was traveling, their team did not miss a beat and accomplished a great task with what we had in mind in the given time frame. This team went above and beyond, and we will always be grateful.

Stacy Zant, G.O.A.L.


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The KMS company-wide pledge to give back 1% of our time to the community every year speaks to the company’s overall culture and incredible employees. “I love working for a company that cares for the community. It makes me really proud to work at KMS. I try to get involved with my local neighborhood organizations and it’s great to be with a company that reflects similar values,” said Carla Black, Senior Marketing Specialist.

KMS employees are proud to be tied to such a great cause. “By participating at such an event, KMS demonstrates values and genuine joy in giving back to the community. Making the world a better place starts by giving back to the community! I find that to be very inspiring,” said Kara Hartnett, Lead Technical Writer. Additionally, it was a fun event that our employees will look forward to every year. “I could stay there working for 16 hours and not even feel tired. It was truly a great accomplishment by many great brains in this industry,” said Kaushal Amin, CTO.

Overall, KMS employees know that “giving a little bit of our time and expertise can make such a huge impact on those non-profits’ ability to do good work for people, and even animals,” said Jeff Scott, Director of Development. We are a part of the Atlanta community. As such, we are responsible for lending a hand!

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