The Butterfly Effect: How KMS Helps Others

Have you heard of the butterfly effect? This phenomenon suggests a butterfly fluttering in Rio de Janeiro could change the weather in Chicago. What if we applied that theory to the effects of volunteering? Imagine that something you do for others in your community could affect change in the world.

The founders of KMS Technology, CEO Vu Lam and President Josh Lieberman, began with a mission in 2009 to help companies improve their software development and testing. Making a difference for their clients led them to wonder how they could make a difference in their community.

You may wonder why a successful business would want to focus on giving their time to others? Lieberman believes “our society can grow if we give people the opportunity.” Everyone has the ability to learn, but not everyone is given the chance. “I have the skills and resources to give back to help others grow, which in turn is good for the world.”

Volunteering is not just lip service at KMS. To make sure volunteering became a part of the company’s DNA, KMS partnered with the Pledge 1% movement. This campaign was started by Salesforce, Atlassian, and Rally in 2014 and has become a global effort. “We really respect these companies and the culture they built, and we want to emulate that,” said Lieberman. “Volunteering has always been a big part of my life and I wanted to make sure our company and our employees have values that align. When your team shares the same values as you, the company can paddle in the same direction and move forward together.”

When KMS helps the community, they’re not just lending a helping hand. They’re encouraging community involvement with their employees. Since joining Pledge 1%, employees are more engaged, motivated and proud to work at KMS. Giving back to the community can align with your values and passions. Lieberman points out that “we have several people who volunteer with their neighbors, religious establishments, shelters, wherever their passions lie.”

KMS is in a unique position to give. Headquartered in a fast-growing tech city like Atlanta, there are many opportunities to “offer specific skills to advance others,” said Lieberman. “It’s why we’ve partnered with great nonprofits like Per Scholas and 48in48.”

Most recently, KMS volunteered at the 48in48 event in Atlanta to assist with building 48 websites for 48 local nonprofits in 48 hours. Using their testing expertise, KMS was specially recognized by the event coordinators. “Thanks to the team of volunteers from KMS Technology, our volunteers for 48in48 Atlanta have been able to develop websites of quality with attention to detail for their nonprofit organizations,” said Jenny Bradley, City Project Manager Chair.

Whether you work for a technology company or other industries, there are many ways to get involved with your community. Although no one is obligated to volunteer, it’s certainly in everyone’s best interests. “I believe volunteering and giving back can be better for your business, your employees and the community around you,” said Lieberman.

In general, it seems like people only give during the holidays when they feel the spirit of giving. KMS is different. Volunteering year-round is something they are proud to accomplish. Whether you help at food kitchens, read to children at the library, or plant trees, there is always something that can be done throughout the year. Flap your wings, butterfly, and be the change the world needs to become a better place for us all.

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