Generative AI Resource Roundup #5

The economic potential of generative AI continues to dominate headlines. Meanwhile, new use cases are cropping up in drive-thrus, across the internet, and in entertainment.

It’s evident that the transformative power of generative AI is just getting started.

Check out the top generative AI new in five minutes or less.

White Castle will bring more AI to its drive-thrus | The Verge
Working with speech recognition company SoundHound for the technology, White Castle wants to roll out AI-enabled voices to over 100 drive-thrus by 2024. It will have an AI voice on its speakers interacting with customers and figuring out what the orders are. The companies promise it will process orders in just over a minute.

AI Has Finally Become Transformative | Wall Street Journal
While still very early, we’re already seeing use cases in large existing markets with orders-of-magnitude improvement in time, cost and performance.

Generative AI can bring real economic benefits to large industries with established and expensive workloads. Large language models could save costs by performing tasks such as summarizing discovery documents without replacing attorneys, to take one example. And there are plenty of similar jobs spread across fields like medicine, computer programming, design and entertainment.

Many experts believe we’re very likely to see continued progress. There might be growing pains like the Hollywood strikes along the way, but the end result is more jobs, more economic expansion and better goods for consumers. This was the case with the microchip and the internet, and it will be with generative AI, too.

Aided by A.I. Language Models, Google’s Robots Are Getting Smart | The New York Times
Google’s new robotics model, RT-2, which melds artificial intelligence technology with robots. Google has recently begun plugging state-of-the-art language models into its robots, giving them the equivalent of artificial brains. The secretive project has made the robots far smarter and given them new powers of understanding and problem-solving.

Robots still fall short of human-level dexterity and fail at some basic tasks, but Google’s use of A.I. language models to give robots new skills of reasoning and improvisation represents a promising breakthrough, said Ken Goldberg, a robotics professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

AI investment forecast to approach $200 billion globally by 2025 | Goldman Sachs
Innovations in electricity and personal computers unleashed investment booms of as much as 2% of U.S. GDP as the technologies were adopted into the broader economy. Now, investment in artificial intelligence is ramping up quickly and could eventually have an even bigger impact on GDP, according to Goldman Sachs Economics Research.

AI investment is expected to be concentrated in four key business segments:

  1. Companies that train and develop AI models
  2. Those that supply the infrastructure (for example, data centers) to run AI applications
  3. Companies that develop software to run AI-enabled applications
  4. Enterprise end-users that pay for those software and cloud infrastructure services

Economists expect AI investment to largely come from hardware investment to train AI models and run AI queries, as well as increased spending on AI-enabled software

Introducing AudioCraft: A Generative AI Tool For Audio and Music | Meta
On August 2nd, Meta announced AudioCraft, a suite of generative AI tools that let you easily generate high-quality audio and music from text. AudioCraft consists of three models:

  1. MusicGen: Trained with Meta-owned and specifically licensed music, generates music from text prompts
  2. AudioGen: Trained on public sound effects, generates audio from text prompts
  3. New and improved EnCodec decoder: Allows higher quality music generation with fewer artifacts

These models are open-sourced, giving researchers and practitioners access so they can train their own models with their own datasets for the first time, and help advance the field of AI-generated audio and music

The Generative AI TLDR

“Despite the hoopla—and a lot of related startup activity—AI hasn’t brought a market transformation similar to the internet or mobile, in which an entire new class of companies emerge and become household names. That may soon change.”

— AI Has Finally Become Transformative | Wall Street Journal

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