Ranking the 6 Best Countries for Offshore Software Development

Offshoring software development has become common in today’s competitive business environment. The ability to reduce costs while developing tech solutions more quickly — combined with the challenges of hiring and retaining high-quality tech talent — has made offshoring even more popular in recent years.

As you’re considering expanding your talent pool or outsourcing software development, let’s look at some of the best countries to hire developers in and what sets them apart. 

Some areas you may already be aware of, while a few new countries offer businesses more options than ever to find high-caliber talent.

10 Benefits of Offshore Software Development

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Offshore software development offers numerous advantages that can enhance your business’s efficiency, competitiveness, and growth. 

Some of it’s most significant advantages include: 

  • Cost Savings: Offshore development often provides access to highly skilled talent at a fraction of the cost of hiring locally, leading to significant cost savings in labor and operational expenses.
  • Global Talent Pool: It allows you to tap into a global talent pool, finding specialized experts in various technologies and domains, regardless of geographical boundaries.
  • Accelerated Development: Offshore teams can work around the clock, leading to faster project delivery and reduced time-to-market for your software solutions.
  • Scalability: Offshore partners can scale up or down quickly to meet your project’s evolving requirements, saving you the hassle of hiring and training additional in-house staff.
  • Access to Emerging Markets: It opens doors to emerging tech markets, such as Vietnam, where skilled technologists are readily available, and innovation is thriving.
  • Focus on Core Competencies: Outsourcing non-core functions like software development allows you to concentrate on your core business activities, increasing overall productivity.
  • Reduced Turnover: In some offshore locations, lower competition for tech talent results in reduced turnover rates, providing stability to your development team.
  • Diverse Expertise: Offshore partners bring diverse global expertise, helping you leverage the latest technologies and best practices in software development.
  • Risk Mitigation: Offshore providers often have established protocols for risk management and disaster recovery, enhancing the security and resilience of your projects.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: The ability to adapt to changing project needs and market conditions is a significant advantage, ensuring that your software development remains agile and responsive.

The Best Countries to Outsource Software Development

How We Rank The Top Software Outsourcing Countries

This key provides a structured evaluation framework, shedding light on the key factors considered when ranking countries for offshore software development

  1. Cost Efficiency: Evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of offshore software development services.
  2. Skilled Workforce: Assessment of the quality and availability of skilled software developers.
  3. English Proficiency: Measurement of English language proficiency among tech talent.
  4. Time Zone Compatibility: Consideration of the alignment of time zones for efficient collaboration.
  5. Political Stability: Analysis of the country’s political stability and its impact on business operations.
  6. Education and STEM Focus: Review of educational systems with a focus on STEM programs.
  7. Technological Advancements: Examination of the country’s adoption of emerging technologies.
  8. Government Support: Assessment of government policies and incentives supporting the IT industry.
  9. Market Reputation: Consideration of the country’s reputation and success in offshore software development.


Vietnam city skyline symbolizing Vietnam as a reliable resource for offshore software development

Whether you seek cost-effective solutions or cutting-edge innovation, Vietnam’s dynamic IT landscape can cater to your specific project needs and long-term goals.

Vietnam offers a compelling blend of cost efficiency, a skilled tech workforce, strong English proficiency, and a commitment to technological advancement. 

Its alignment with time zones, political stability, and government support further enhance its attractiveness as a top-notch destination for offshore software development


Vietnam is a cost-efficient destination for offshore software development, offering competitive pricing without compromising quality. 

The country’s lower operational costs and favorable exchange rates make it an attractive choice for businesses seeking cost savings while maintaining high standards of work.

Skilled Workforce

Vietnam boasts a rapidly growing IT sector and a flourishing tech talent pool. The nation’s core national strategy focuses on STEM education, resulting in a booming workforce of skilled technologists. 

This includes expertise in emerging fields like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The commitment to education ensures that Vietnam consistently produces tech graduates who excel on a global scale.

English Proficiency

Effective communication is paramount in offshore development. Vietnam’s tech talent exhibits strong English proficiency, facilitating seamless collaboration and minimizing language barriers. This proficiency extends beyond just top management, ensuring smooth communication at all levels of the development process.

Time Zone Compatibility

Vietnam’s time zone, Indochina Time (ICT), is 12 hours ahead of EST, providing excellent off-hour coverage for U.S. companies. This alignment allows for real-time collaboration and efficient project management across different regions.

Political Stability

Vietnam’s political stability contributes to a secure and reliable environment for offshore development projects. The government’s pro-business policies and commitment to economic growth create a favorable climate for businesses seeking long-term partnerships.

Education & STEM Focus

Vietnam’s robust STEM education programs play a pivotal role in shaping the country’s tech landscape. The emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fosters a highly skilled workforce equipped to tackle complex software development projects.

Technological Advancements

The country’s thriving tech ecosystem includes a rapidly growing startup scene and a strong focus on emerging technologies such as AI, ML, and blockchain. This makes Vietnam an ideal choice for businesses seeking innovation and cutting-edge solutions.

Government Support

The Vietnamese government actively supports the IT industry, offering incentives and initiatives to promote technology-driven growth. These policies attract foreign investment and enhance the country’s position as a premier offshore development destination.

Market Reputation

Vietnam has earned a growing reputation as a reliable provider of outsourced software development and engineering services. The country’s consistent delivery of high-quality work and its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements reinforce its market reputation.


Estaiada Bridge - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Brazil offers a cost-effective offshore software development option with a skilled and expanding workforce. 

While time zone differences exist, Brazil’s commitment to technology, political stability, and government support make it an increasingly attractive choice for businesses seeking software development solutions with a touch of innovation and quality.


Brazil’s burgeoning tech sector offers a competitive edge in offshore software development. The country’s favorable exchange rates and lower operating costs make it an economically attractive choice for businesses seeking cost-efficient solutions while maintaining quality.

Skilled Workforce

While Brazil’s tech industry is still emerging, it showcases a skilled and rapidly growing workforce. Developers in Brazil have a strong foundation in software development and exhibit proficiency in a wide range of technologies. The nation’s focus on building a skilled talent pool ensures the availability of capable tech experts.

English Proficiency

Effective communication is vital in offshore development, and Brazil’s tech professionals often possess strong English proficiency. This enables seamless collaboration with international clients and partners, bridging language barriers effectively.

Time Zone Compatibility

Brazil operates on Brasilia Time (BRT), which is 2 hours behind EST. While the time zone difference may limit off-hour coverage for tech companies in the U.S., it still allows for reasonable collaboration during standard working hours.

Political Stability

Brazil’s political environment, while occasionally subject to economic fluctuations, remains relatively stable. Government support for technology innovation and investments in infrastructure are contributing to the country’s growing status as a digital hub.

Education & STEM Focus

Brazil is making significant investments in STEM education, producing a stream of tech-savvy graduates. This focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics cultivates a skilled workforce capable of tackling software development projects of varying complexities.

Technological Advancements

Brazil’s digital landscape is evolving rapidly, with cities like Sao Paulo emerging as digital hubs in Latin America. Investments in technology infrastructure and incentives for corporations involved in tech innovation are fueling the country’s technological advancements.

Government Support

The Brazilian government has extended support to the tech industry through various initiatives, including tax incentives and investments in technology-driven growth. These policies create a conducive environment for offshore software development.

Market Reputation

Brazil may be an emerging player in the offshore software development arena, but it is quickly gaining recognition for its quality services and dedication to innovation. The country’s digital startups and growing tech ecosystem are contributing to its market reputation.


Mumbai Aerial View

India represents the epitome of offshore software development, offering cost efficiency, a vast and highly skilled workforce, strong English proficiency, and a commitment to technological advancement. 

Its time zone compatibility, political stability, government support, and dedication to security reinforce its status as a trusted and globally recognized hub for offshore software development.


India consistently ranks as a cost-efficient destination for offshore software development. The country offers competitive pricing without compromising the quality of work, making it a preferred choice for businesses seeking cost-effective solutions.

Skilled Workforce

India boasts one of the world’s largest and most skilled tech talent pools. Its developers are proficient in a wide range of technologies, from web and mobile app development to emerging fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning. The abundance of skilled professionals ensures the availability of experts for diverse project needs.

English Proficiency

A significant proportion of its tech workforce is proficient in English, facilitating seamless collaboration and effective communication with clients worldwide.

Time Zone Compatibility

India’s time zone, Indian Standard Time (IST), is 10.5 hours ahead of EST. This alignment allows for extended working hours and overnight coverage for U.S. companies, accelerating project timelines.

Political Stability

India offers a stable political environment conducive to business operations. The country’s pro-business policies and commitment to economic growth create a reliable and secure backdrop for offshore development projects.

Education & STEM Focus

India’s education system places a strong emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. The result is a highly educated workforce with a strong foundation in technical skills and problem-solving abilities.

Technological Advancements

India remains at the forefront of technological advancements, with a thriving tech ecosystem and a vibrant startup culture. It embraces emerging technologies, such as AI, blockchain, and IoT, ensuring that developers stay updated with the latest trends.

Government Support

The Indian government actively supports the IT industry through various initiatives, tax benefits, and incentives. These policies attract foreign investment and bolster India’s position as a global tech leader.

Market Reputation

India has built a solid reputation as a reliable provider of outsourced software development and IT services. Its numerous ISO 2000-certified software companies and a vast portfolio of high-quality work demonstrate a consistent track record of success.

The Philippines

Elevated, night view of Makati, the business district of Metro Manila.


The Philippines is renowned for offering cost-effective offshore software development solutions. Competitive pricing, combined with quality work, makes it a favored choice for businesses seeking cost efficiency without compromising on standards.

Skilled Workforce & English Proficiency

The country possesses a highly skilled and English-proficient workforce, making it an attractive destination for software development. With two-thirds of the population fluent in English, the Philippines has one of the largest English-speaking talent pools globally.

Time Zone Compatibility

The Philippines operates on Philippine Time (PHT), which is 13 hours ahead of EST. This alignment provides excellent off-hour coverage for U.S. companies, ensuring efficient project management and collaboration.

Political Stability

The Philippines enjoys a relatively stable political environment, offering a secure backdrop for business operations. The government’s commitment to supporting the IT industry, including software development, further enhances its appeal.

Education & STEM Focus

The Philippines places a strong emphasis on education, with a 97% literacy rate and a deep commitment to learning. Even workers in unskilled positions often have education beyond high school. This commitment extends to the tech sector, ensuring a pool of skilled professionals.

Technological Advancements

The country’s IT sector continues to grow, with a focus on technological advancements and innovation. The Philippines is home to a thriving business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, including call centers, outsourced IT, and software development.

Government Support

The Philippine government actively supports IT services, offering incentives, tax breaks, and broad government support to accelerate growth in the sector. These initiatives create a conducive environment for offshore development.

Market Reputation

The Philippines has earned the moniker “BPO Capital of the World” due to its thriving business process outsourcing industry. It has a strong market reputation for its commitment to quality services and government support for the IT sector.


Charles De Gaulle Roundabout in Downtown Warsaw, Poland.

Poland is a European center of excellence in offshore software development, offering a balance of cost efficiency and quality. It boasts a skilled workforce, strong English proficiency, and a commitment to technological advancement. 

Its political stability, government support, and dedication to security further enhance its position as a trusted and globally recognized hub for offshore software development within Europe.

Cost Efficiency

Poland offers cost-effective offshore software development solutions with a reputation for high-quality work. While it may not be the cheapest destination, it provides a balance between competitive pricing and exceptional service quality.

Skilled Workforce

Poland boasts a skilled and continually growing tech talent pool. Developers in Poland are proficient in various technologies, and the country has a reputation for producing well-rounded IT professionals with strong problem-solving abilities.

English Proficiency

Effective communication is essential in offshore development, and Poland’s tech professionals often possess strong English proficiency. This ensures smooth collaboration and effective communication with international clients.

Time Zone Compatibility

Poland operates on Central European Time (CET), which is 6 hours ahead of EST. This time zone alignment allows for some real-time collaboration with Western clients.

Political Stability 

Poland enjoys a stable political environment, being a part of the European Union (EU). This stability offers a secure backdrop for business operations, and it aligns with EU regulations and standards.

Education and STEM Focus 

Poland places a strong emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. This focus ensures a well-educated tech workforce with the skills necessary to excel in software development.

Technological Advancements 

Poland is known for its technological advancements and strong tech ecosystem. It embraces emerging technologies and is home to innovative startups and companies that continually adapt to industry trends.

Government Support 

The Polish government actively supports the IT industry through various initiatives and investments in technology-driven growth. Being part of the EU also brings benefits in terms of regulatory alignment and support.

Market Reputation 

Poland has built a strong reputation for providing high-quality software development services. Its focus on excellence and commitment to delivering top-notch solutions reinforce its market reputation as a reliable offshore development destination within Europe.

What to Look for in an Offshore Software Development Partner

Offshore software development team in Vietnam

As you search for the right offshore development partner for your organization, you must first evaluate your business project requirements, skillsets and expertise needed, and time frames.

If you have preferred programming languages, you’ll need to define that as well.

It’s also important to assess your long-term goals. 

  • Are you looking for a one-time project, an ongoing relationship, or a long-term partner? 
  • Do you need help with total project management or are you looking to enhance your skill set and fill in gaps in expertise?

When selecting a partner to work with on your software development projects, there are a few key considerations that can make a difference, such as:

  • Expertise and specialties: One of the advantages of hiring offshore developers is that you pull from diverse global tech talent with deep expertise in key areas. Shortages in US tech talent exacerbate the need for senior-level developers, data scientists, AI engineers, and niche domains (like Salesforce & AppExchange development).
  • Time Zones: You may prefer developers that work in a similar time zone to facilitate collaboration, or you may want software engineers that work opposite hours to give you coverage during off-hours. For example, working with an offshore partner in Vietnam or the Philippines, 12-15 hours ahead of the US, can extend your working hours and help expedite project completion.
  • Language barriers: Because of the differences in time zones, a lot of your communication will be written, so you want to make sure there is a high English proficiency beyond just the top management level. Communication is key to project success and collaboration. Additionally, ensure that escalation channels and team responsibilities are clearly defined to create seamless collaboration with mutual expectations.
  • Security: Cybersecurity is a concern for every company, but working with offshore developers creates additional threat vectors. Offshore teams will be working remotely and may open up access to proprietary information and data. Make sure any offshore developer you work with has tight security protocols and legal restraints, such as non-disclosure agreements, to protect your data.
  • Service offerings: While you want to work with best-in-class developers and software engineers experienced in specific areas, you also want the flexibility to add on other services. As your software or company evolves, you want to be able to upgrade or adapt without disrupting your development teams.

You also want to work with someone that has a track record of success in related industries. Your offshore partners should be able to show you a portfolio of high-quality work and case studies that demonstrate successful project execution.

As part of your due diligence, you should also always check references.

Outsource Your Software Development

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When you’re looking for countries to outsource software development, it’s important to work with a software development firm that has a global reach to find the best option for your business.

KMS Technology is a world leader in offshore software and app development, testing services, and consulting based in Atlanta, GA, with four offices in Vietnam and two offices in Mexico.

This allows KMS to hire the best, high-quality software developers and engineers worldwide while providing affordable, cost-efficient solutions, such as:

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