U.S. Businesses Benefit from Vietnam’s COVID-19 Response

Let’s rewind to January 2020. The world was beginning to learn more about a new virus stemming out of Wuhan, China. Flashbacks to SARS, MERS, and other related viruses had the global health community speculating about what this virus could mean for the region and potentially the world. 

On January 22nd, Vietnam reported its first case, a 65-year-old traveler from Wuhan. Since then, the country has been lauded as one of the most successful in the world at containing the novel coronavirus.  

Why? As of writing this article, despite sharing its northern border with China, the country has seen less than 1,500 reported cases with over 1,000 of those reported as recovered and only 35 fatal. Vietnam is home to over 97 million people, which makes these numbers especially impressive. 

During the early stages of the outbreak, Vietnam acted quickly. “The government quickly closed international borders, called for widespread use of masks, and established strict quarantine and aggressive contact-tracing procedures,” reports the New York Times

These measures seemed to have worked. The country went nearly 100 consecutive days without a new case before an outbreak in Danang occurred in August. By implementing a similar swift response to this second wave, Vietnamese leaders were able to keep cases relatively low. 

The impacts of this swift and strict response have had economic implications as well. Unlike most countries during this time, the Vietnamese economy has remained relatively stable. The country actually saw moderate year-over-year GDP growth of 0.39% in Q2 and a healthy growth of 2.62% in Q3. 

What does this mean for KMS and our customers? 

The stability of Vietnam’s government was integral to their response; that same stability is a hallmark of KMS. In times of turmoil, reliability is essential, particularly for a company whose partner is located across the world. 

With 1,000 employees in Vietnam, the country’s response combined with strategic action taken by our Vietnamese and U.S.-based leadership teams have allowed us to seamlessly continue providing services to our customers. 


Whereas other offshore providers faced obstacles and delays from being located disparately throughout their regions with only remote collaboration, the KMS team has been able to continue providing for our customers with minimal to no impact. Our Vietnam offices remained intact with offshore client teams still able to effectively collaborate both in and out of the office.

To that end, the KMS Vietnam team continues to be able to ramp up almost immediately in support of new clients as well as enhance the technical capabilities & coverage for our client engineering teams. 

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