KMS Holds Successful TechCon 2014


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – KMS Technology, a provider of offshore product development services, successfully organized its Second Annual TechCon 2014 on Saturday, May 10, 2014 in HCMC. This was a great opportunity for technical professionals at KMS to learn and identify areas that they can work on to build their careers.

KMS TechCon 2014 attracted more than 150 KMSers to participate in this year’s conference. There were over 30 topics covering global megatrends of technology and KMS mainstream technologies including Mobile Development, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, Responsive Web, Java, .NET, ETL and Software Testing. There were also topics in UI/UX, psychology and interpersonal skills.

The speakers and attendees expressed how much they enjoy attending TechCon each year. The most active participants received gifts and speakers who delivered the most interesting and valuable topics also received rewards.

“Since its inception in May 2013, KMS TechCon has created great opportunities for KMSers to share, learn, connect and grow together. This year was even more successful than the last. TechCon is now an exciting part of KMS culture. We all look forward to and love this day!” said Phong Bui, VP of Technology at KMS Technology.

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