KMS Hosts a Public Workshop on Cross Platform Mobile Development with C# and Xamarin


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – KMS Technology, a provider of offshore product development services, held a public workshop on “Cross Platform Mobile Development with C# and Xamarin” on September 7, 2013 at the KMS Office.

Presented by Mr. An Nguyen and Mr. Tri Nguyen – Software Engineers of KMS Technology, the workshop covered:

  • Xamarin fundamental knowledge and how to solve the cross-platform problem
  • Simple “Tasky” tutorials and how to create iOS and Android projects with a shared business code component
  • Essential steps to reuse native library under Xamarin framework
  • Xamarin pros and cons and fair comparisons with other well-known mobile cross-platform frameworks
  • Boost development productivity with Xamarin supporters as well as community assistances

The workshop was well received by nearly 40 participants with discussions on how to cover architectural best practices, design considerations, and how to walk through the code to illustrate the architecture in implementation.

“Mobile developers are currently spending more and more time to seek a workable cross-platform development framework, due to the fragment of mobile platforms. Through this workshop, we provided a fairly deep view on Xamarin and gave our participants sufficient knowledge to work on their mobile projects,” said Phong Bui, Director of Technology at KMS Technology.

View the slide deck here.

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