KMS Hosts Developing Apps for the Windows Phone 8 Seminar


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – KMS Technology, a provider of offshore product development services, hosted a seminar called “Developing Apps for the Windows Phone 8” to the local IT community in Ho Chi Minh City on Saturday, December 22, 2012. The seminar was conducted by Mr. Khoi Nguyen – Senior Software Engineer at KMS Technology, covering essential information about the Windows Phone 8 framework, its distinguished features, as well as different ways to maximize code reuse from legacy apps. During the course of the seminar, Mr. Nguyen also demonstrated SDK tools which enable users to easily interact with their apps by using speech.

“It’s our commitment to share best practices about software development through public seminars like this to the local technology community. We look forward to 2013 with more of these events,” said Mr. Phong Bui, KMS’ Director of Technology.

A slide deck of the presentation can be viewed here.

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