KMS Support Barcamp Saigon Technology Event


Dublin, California, United States and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – KMS Technology, a global company specializing in software product development outsourcing services, is a co-sponsor at the Barcamp Saigon 2009 Technology Event.

KMS is collaborating with other leading technology companies in Vietnam and RMIT University Vietnam in sponsoring Barcamp Saigon 2009. Barcamp is a user driven event with a unique format. At the initiation of the event, topics are proposed and registered by participants of the event in order to determine what the agenda will be and what topics will be covered throughout the event.

“I am very excited about organizationally and personally being a part of Barcamp Saigon 2009. My team and I are anxiously preparing topics and content to enable KMS to play a leadership and speaking role at the event. KMS plans to use events, like Barcamp Saigon 2009, to continue to demonstrate its passion for innovation, deepen its relationship with leading Vietnamese Universities, and continue to expand its presence in the Vietnam Information Technology community,” said Buu Nguyen, KMS’ Director of Technology.

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