KMS Technology a Corporate Sponsor for Agile Vietnam Conference 2018


Agile Vietnam Conference 2018Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – KMS Technology, a US-based global technology company, recently became a Corporate sponsor for the Agile Vietnam Conference 2018 on November 17th, 2018 at Saigon Prince Hotel (63 Nguyen Hue, District 1, HCMC). The Agile Vietnam Community hosts this conference annually to promote creating an open space, connecting programmers with Agile experts, and sharing new programming methods.




Agile Vietnam Conference 2018

The main theme for 2018 is to “Learn, Un-Learn, Re-Learn.” 30 speakers and 400 participants from Agile Communities, including KMS employees, came together to share their experiences in Agile and Lean Best Practices. Similar software topics were also discussed, such as Lean Software Development, Software Craftsmanship, Agile Product Development, High Performing Teams, and more.



Agile Vietnam Conference 2018


Agile Vietnam’s collaboration with Quang Trung Software City (QTSC), along with the sponsorships of several companies that have successfully applied Agile methodology, including KMS Technology, Fossil Group, and Cybozu, led to a highly productive conference.

Agile Vietnam Conference 2018 definitely achieved its goal to become one of the biggest and most advanced events for those who are interested in technology, have a passion to learn new things, and who want to be inspired by breakthroughs in the software industry. Hopefully, the attendees will take what they learned at the conference and use it to discover more innovations to discuss at the 2019 conference!

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