KMS Technology Launches Katalon Services


KMS Technology Launches Katalon Services to Help Companies Use the Katalon Studio Automated Testing Solution and Improve Software Quality


Atlanta, Georgia (December 12, 2017) KMS Technology, a provider of software development and testing services, announces the availability of Katalon Services, an offering to support the KMS’s popular Katalon Studio test automation product.  


Katalon Studio, a free alternative to open source and commercial test automation solutions, has gained more than 30,000 users in the 15 months since launch. Katalon Services can be purchased as an annual subscription or by-the-hour fee, and provides help with troubleshooting, specialized training, and customized offerings such as personalized testing scripts. More information about Katalon Services can be found here.

With the rise of DevOps and Agile software development methodologies, many organizations have increased testing needs and must consider new methods for testing. Since DevOps emphasizes rapid, iterative releases, testing must occur more frequently and integrated throughout the development pipeline. These practices can ensure that quality remains high in fast-paced development organizations.


Automated testing is playing a greater role, in turn. Many development teams find that a significant percentage of software tests can be automated, leaving more time to use manual and exploratory testing to battle proof complex features which are integral to the customer experience. According to Transparency Market Research, the global test automation market will likely grow 15.4% from 2017 to 2025.

Katalon Studio has been ranked atop many review sites for test automation. The product is simple to deploy; easy to learn with a modern UI, application lifecycle management integrations and continuous integration plugins as a single package on all major OS versions. Users can set up project, create and run tests, view reports and maintain tests quickly. Katalon supports Web, API and mobile automation with team collaboration and test management.

“We are always looking at ways that we can add new value in simple ways for our customers,” says Mush Honda, VP of Testing  at KMS Technology. “Katalon Studio is designed to be easy-to-use, yet customer environments are always complex and changing. The Katalon Services offering brings peace of mind to testers that they have quick access to our experts at a moment’s notice, which means their development cycles won’t suffer needless delays from testing.”

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