KMS Technology Releases Katalon Studio v4.5, Free Comprehensive Test Automation Toolset


Katalon Studio KMS TechnologyKMS Technology announced today the release of Katalon Studio version 4.5, a powerful automation toolset for web and mobile app testing. Katalon Studio revolutionizes the use of open-source test automation frameworks such as Selenium and Appium. This is done by eliminating their technical complexities and providing a comprehensive test automation framework. This allows testers to efficiently setup, create, run, report and manage their automated tests. The toolset also offers a viable alternative to costly commercial test automation solutions. Katalon Studio is available to all testers at no cost and can be downloaded at

Katalon’s key advantages include:

  • Easy deployment and getting started – a single installation package contains everything needed to begin automated testing
  • Comprehensive functionality – a complete set of test automation features allows users to design, execute, report and manage their automation tests easily
  • Support of various tester’s skill levels – testers with no programming experience can use recording and keywords features to create and execute test scripts. Experienced programmers can use the built-in IDE to create and execute sophisticated test scripts.

Katalon Studio also provides an advanced recording utility and an Object Spy tool. Then, the users can identify page elements and generate scripts automatically, allowing them to transform manual steps into automation test cases quickly.

“To begin, we created Katalon Studio as an answer to our own clients’ struggles with test automation. We heard stories of test automation teams being frustrated with the lack of integration among their frameworks while the existing commercial solutions were too expensive to afford,” said Adam Satterfield, VP of Testing at KMS Technology. “KMS Technology developed Katalon Studio over the past 3 years as an internal test automation framework for our projects and clients. These test automation projects have been a great success, and we now are making it available to the testing community. Katalon Studio is a game-changer for testing teams by being flexible, customizable and powerful.”

“The best part of Katalon Studio is that it is simple to setup, but it’s powerful and comprehensive enough to be your one-stop shop for automation. At KMS Technology, we’re always listening to our customers and trying to address their pain points by creating new technologies that fill voids in the marketplace. We did that with QASymphony and the qTest platform. Katalon Studio is our latest innovation and we’re excited to offer automation teams an easier, faster way to test,” said Vu Lam, CEO of KMS Technology.

In addition to the free version, KMS Technology also offers Katalon Studio for businesses that require additional support. This includes customized pricing for setup services and prioritized tech support. For more information on Katalon Studio, please visit or email

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