Jeremy’s Ultimate Guide to Navigating Dreamforce 2023: Elevating Your Experience

Tech mavens and Salesforce trailblazers, the momentous occasion is upon us. Dreamforce 2023 is about to light up the Salesforce development cosmos, and yours truly is amped up! This annual convergence of technological minds and Salesforce enthusiasts represents an unparalleled Salesforce development mecca to immerse in cutting-edge sessions, for absorbing wisdom from industry luminaries to forging connections that will redefine networking. Dreamforce can be a whirlwind of Salesforce development awesome, and that’s why I’m sharing some Dreamforce pro tips to help you not only navigate but thrive amidst great minds in order to experience the event to its highest potential.

Step One: Setting the Stage for Your Dreamforce Odyssey

Calendar Magic
Let’s talk strategy. Before the tech adventure begins, block off not just the days of Dreamforce, but also the day before and after. The day before is your personal runway for prepping your mental engines, while the day after is for recovery and post-Dreamforce reflections.

Network Ninja Moves
You’re about to dive into a sea of tech stars, so do your homework. Investigate those speaker websites, delve into their LinkedIn profiles, and assemble your list of tech luminaries you want to rub elbows with. But wait, it’s not just about small talk – prepare 1-3 power-packed questions that’ll leave a lasting impression.

Pack for Tech Glory
Let’s talk practicality. Prioritize comfort over runway fashion. Why? Because San Francisco’s terrain demands comfy shoes and layers to combat its ever-changing weather moods. And let’s not forget your trusty backup battery, water bottle for hydration, a snack stash to fuel those brain cells, and a backpack that’s ergonomic and ready for action.

Step Two: Gearing Up for Dreamforce Elevation

App It Up
Equip yourself with the Dreamforce app (Apple / Google Play) – your digital compass for conquering the tech terrain. This app is more than just a schedule manager, it’s your gateway to crafting a personalized agenda, mingling with fellow tech aficionados, and securing front-row seats for sessions that inspire.

Time Management Mastery
When it comes to Dreamforce, punctuality is your ally. Sessions fill up faster than you can say “cloud computing.” Beat the rush by arriving 15 minutes early and securing your coveted spot. Plan your top 3-5 sessions and leave the rest to organic connection. Remember if you miss a session or keynote, you can sign up to Salesforce+ and catch all the keynotes and sessions after the event.

Step Three: The Tech Odyssey Unfolds

Badge in Style
Beat the crowd and nab Digital Pass, powered by Wicket, to get your badge ahead of time. You’ll thank yourself when you’re waltzing past those snaking lines and diving straight into the action.

Team Tactics
Got a squad? Divvy up the sessions for maximum coverage. Not only will you experience a broader range of knowledge, but you’ll also find yourself engaged in conversations that spark innovation.

Strategic Chill Mode
Tech marathons are real. Pace yourself, explore those foodie delights, and keep yourself hydrated. Don’t stress about hitting every session – savor the atmosphere and learn at your own pace. Make sure to save some energy for the post event mixers and happy hours.

Social Sorcery
Conversations are happening on X (formerly Twitter), so make sure to capture moments and share insights using the #DF23 hashtag. Just remember to balance social media with being present in the moment.

Post-Tech Bliss: Transitioning from Dreamforce to Reality

Reflect and Rise
After the whirlwind, take a breath. Reflect on your experience, solidify new relationships by connecting on LinkedIn, and sending those follow up emails.

Apply the Wizardry
Your “Lessons Learned” journal is your new secret weapon. Convert insights into action and witness your tech skills skyrocket. Share your newfound wisdom with those who missed out. Collaboration is the name of the game, and you’re the catalyst.

Blog the Brilliance
Put pen to virtual paper and craft a post-Dreamforce blog. It’s your way of reliving the magic, building your brand, and spreading the experience with those who couldn’t be there.

Get ready to unleash your inner tech guru at Dreamforce 2023! Armed with this guide, you’re primed to rock the event with the perfect blend of preparation and personalization. Together, let’s make Dreamforce 2023 an unparalleled journey of tech brilliance and connections!

Sessions I’m Most Excited For:

Inspiring Change: Shaping the Future with AI, Data, and CRM
Join this Circle of Success to discuss and discover ways to unlock the full potential of your organization’s data with peers and Salesforce experts.
Matt Walsh, Partner Delivery Success Sr. Manager, Salesforce

Strategies to Develop Apps with Einstein
Got an idea for an app? Einstein for developers lets you build solutions quickly with the right words. Learn secrets of unleashing GPT with effective prompt design and go from idea to ACV faster.
Vydianath iyer, Sr. Director, Appexchange – ISV Tech Adoption, Salesforce
Sangita Gupta, Principal ISV Platform Expert, Salesforce

Get Connected: Customer 360 + Data + Web3 = Magic
Learn how you can leverage AI and deepen relationships with digital collections, engage new audiences on new channels, and mint sustainably while building trust.
Avanthika Ramesh, Senior Manager, Product Management, Salesforce
Kevin Qi, Associate Product Manager, Salesforce

The Future of Einstein: Product Strategy and Roadmap
AI is changing the world. Join our Einstein product leaders to learn more about the latest AI innovations across the Salesforce Platform.
Prithvi Krishnan Padmanabhan, Principal Architect (Einstein GPT), Salesforce
Carlos Lozano, Director of Product Management, Salesforce
Avanthika Ramesh, Senior Manager, Product Management, Salesforce
Tamara Vogel, Salesforce AI Program Manager (TPM), Salesforce
Rohit Kapoor, VP of Product, Einstein Search and AI, Salesforce

Speakers I’m Looking forward to Seeing:

  • Sam Altman, CEO -Open AI @ Fireside chat with Marc Benioff
  • Clement Delangue, Co-founder / CEO, Hugging Face
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Rainn Wilson

After Parties and Events:

Dreamforce After Party Bash (Salesforce) September 12th · 4:30pm – September 15 · 10pm PDT:

SFBen Dreamforce After Party GPT September 12th 6pm-1am PDT:

Dreamfest w/ Foo Fighters
Last time they played at Dreamfest was actually 2016 where Dave Grohl had a broken leg.

Do what’s important to YOU.
Be the boss of your time! Only attend to what’s important to you. By being laser-focused on what you came to do, you won’t be as tired. As well, block out any non-essential input / requirements from the office for these 4 days.

About the Author

Jeremy Lambert has 25 years of experience in Technology, with a focus on Salesforce technologies with 15+ years of experience nearshoring out of Mexico.

As Salesforce Practice Lead at KMS, Jeremy works with commercial and delivery teams, helps with GTM strategy for many Salesforce offerings, works to stay ahead of the rapidly changing Salesforce ecosystem by skilling up and growing the team, as well as consulting, delivery support and more for Salesforce clients.

Prior to KMS, Jeremy was a co-founder at Software Allies for almost 15 years where he lead the team with sales and finance, delivery, staffing, etc.

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