TechCon 2018: Our Top 5 Favorite Moments

Every year we host an employee only conference to discuss the latest technology trends and topics. Since starting TechCon in 2011, this has been the biggest one yet, with more than 450+ KMSers attending the event. That’s nearly half of our Vietnam employee base!

The entire conference is lead by employees who have a passion in various topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Continuous Testing, Microservices and many, many more. There were a total of 41 sessions held in one afternoon. We also had a few attendees from our US offices to join in the fun. Below are their Top 5 Moments of TechCon 2018:

Kaushal Amin:   It was by far the best technology conference so far.   The location and organization behind it was superb quality.   The topics presented were bleeding edge technology trends and future looking for what will happen in software development and testing 2 years from now.  And to top all of these was the great participation by KMSers as they asked many great questions and made each session a great success. I am not sure how we can do any better next year but I am sure we will find a way !!! 

Jeff Scott | Director of Software Development Services | KMS Technology

Jeff Scott:  This was my first introduction to KMS Vietnam, and I was truly impressed by the energy and enthusiasm by the presenters and attendees.   Sitting through a couple of the sessions, even the ones spoken in Vietnamese only, it was very clear the level of preparation and expertise that went into each session.   A truly professional quality event, and great opportunity for KMS to showcase the technical talent within our company.


Mush Honda: My favorite part of TechCon 2018 was the sheer enthusiasm from the attendees in the trends of technology, especially around AI/ML,  and smarter ways using new technology to increase the confidence of delivered software. Sessions that talked about process innovations along with new tools that enabled teams to test faster, better got great participation, which is always great when promoting awareness about testing and quality in applications!

Nliesh Patel | Director of Testing Services | KMS TechnologyNilesh Patel: This was my first time attending TechCon, and I was blown away with how professionally it was was organized from admin team to the presenters. It was really well put together. My favorite part of TechCon, was seeing participation level from KMSers attending all sessions. They were all so eager to learn from speakers and to see how they can apply what they learned into their project teams. I believe that is true inspiration of TechCon, which is to learn from your peers!


Jennifer Bluemling | Director of Marketing | KMS TechnologyJennifer Bluemling: My favorite part of TechCon 2018 was walking through the innovation booths set up by our KMSers. Every year, they create internal tools from the ground up to help them with their projects, from automating simple tasks to tackling AI as a practice. The level of creativity they show and professionalism is amazing. They are truly building enterprise level software products out of their extra time and dedication to their craft.

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