KMS Gives in 2020: How We Spread Good During the Pandemic

Reflecting on 2020 feels a little (a lot) different than looking back on past years. 

But during a year when safely supporting our community was more important than ever, we are proud to report that the KMS team didn’t miss a beat. 

This year we…

Gave over 3,300 hours of our time

Our U.S. team gave 610 hours to our favorite charity organizations. Meeting our Pledge 1% goal by 106%.

Our Vietnam teams gave 2,724 hours and hosted 13 community projects.


Volunteered Together

Before projects moved online, we packaged 1,347 meals with Open Hand Atlanta. Open Hand is an Atlanta-based organization that provides meals to homebound seniors, people with disabilities, those living with chronic illnesses, and at-risk families. 

In a group selfie, members of the KMS team are seen smiling and wearing mesh hairnets. Those with beards also have nets that cover the lower half of their face.


Continued Working with Some of Our Favorite Organizations


For the 3rd year in a row, KMS sponsored and built websites with 48in48

This year’s virtual, global event included volunteers across 16 timezones (with the KMS team representing a few!)


We helped man the support channel and built 2 non-profit websites

    • Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta — The site launch was a fundraiser for the organization, and helped them raise over $1000! The Exceptional Foundation supports adults with special needs after they age out of public school, and often lose the support the school system provides. 
    • Good Samaritan Meals – Good Samaritan Meals keeps usable food out of landfills and redirects that food to those in need. They do this by bridging the gap between grocery stores, restaurants, and other food providers and connecting them to organizations that can distribute the food to those that need it. 



We participated in multiple Resume Workshops for this term’s PerScholas students. PerScholas is an ongoing partner for KMS. The organization teaches in-demand technology skills to underemployed individuals, resulting in transformative technology careers.


Passerelles numériques Vietnam

KMS continued its partnership with Passerelles numériques Vietnam (PNV), sponsoring facility funding, specialized training courses, scholarships, and more. Our teams also offer internship opportunities for the students to gain tangible work experience. Read about this summer’s intern Mai Thuong.

A woman sits in front of a computer working in an office. A pink coffee cup sits on her desk.

Adapted How We Give Back

With shelter-in-place orders and social distancing in place, we transformed how we serve some of our favorite organizations. Since March, KMSers gave over 450 distanced or virtual hours to organizations like the Atlanta Blood Services, CSA Impact, SMASH, West Cobb Islamic Center, Nana Grants, Atlanta Youth Academy, and so many more! 

We are proud to share that despite all of the changes this year brought, the KMS team prioritized giving back and supporting our communities. 

If you want to know more about KMS Gives and the initiatives we support, check out our KMS Gives page.

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