7 Quality Traits of an Offshore Software Development Company

The global market for outsourced services grew from $45.6 billion in 2000 to $92.5 billion in 2019, transforming the business landscape. More U.S.-based firms are outsourcing services to offshore teams in the software development sector now more than ever before because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to hire tech talent in-house. An offshore software development team can automate and streamline many software development processes for your business at a lower cost, helping software firms achieve their product go-to-market objectives.

What is an Offshore Software Development Team?

An offshore software development team is a team based in a remote foreign location that provides various development services such as:

  • Coding/programming
  • Product development and testing
  • Debugging
  • Quality control
  • Data governance

These dedicated teams collaborate closely with your business stakeholders to support the creation of high-quality software products and improve time-to-market. 

Vietnam city skyline symbolizing Vietnam as a reliable resource for offshore software development

Some of the most popular locations for an offshore software development team include:

  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • The Phillippines

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Finding the right development team in the correct country is crucial for U.S.-based software firms. An offshore software development company can connect firms with international developers and improve the success of their organization and products, resulting in multiple benefits that we share below.

Benefits of Offshore Software Development

software coding and programming on application in laptop computer devices with script language testing and graphical icons.

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing software development to an offshore team:

Simplify Recruitment Processes

Firms can save time and increase internal productivity by hiring external developers for their software development teams. An offshore software development company has already interviewed and screened developers, simplifying recruitment workflows for the firm looking to onboard new tech talent. Offshore teams can start working on software projects immediately and not undergo a lengthy recruiting and orientation process, which can accelerate software product outcomes.

Reduce Time-to-Market and Generate Revenue Quicker

Accelerate your go-to-market speed without sacrificing quality when you hire experienced, senior-level offshore developers. These companies are experts at ramping up engineering teams, project leads, testers, and everything in between. By staffing your team immediately without having to go through any training processes, you can bring your product to market faster, which means more revenue sooner. Access a Global Talent Pool

Offshore teams offer businesses more hiring flexibility, along with a wider talent pool of specialized skills and knowledge of particular programming languages— you’re not just limited to one specific area. Additionally, competition for the top software candidates in the US is becoming increasingly apparent, especially after the Great Resignation and economic unpredictability. As a result, more businesses may start to look at other avenues of hiring, which is where offshore teams come to fruition. Having greater hiring options allows your organization to build the best team for your product and goals.   Lower Costs

The average salary of a software developer in the U.S. is $74,236, according to Payscale. That can be an expense many software firms can’t afford, especially if they require more than one developer to achieve internal goals. The cost of an offshore developer can be significantly less than a U.S.-based one, helping software firms lower overhead costs and prevent attrition rates. 

Quality Traits of Offshore Software Development Teams

Offshore software development team in Vietnam

Just because you’re outsourcing development projects at a more inexpensive cost, you don’t have to sacrifice quality when working with international teams. Here are seven traits to look for in a high-quality offshore development team:

1. Clear Understanding of Goals

Companies should find a team that understands their product vision and business objectives from the offset. Offshore teams should know what project goals the hiring firm is trying to achieve and work alongside them for the most successful outcomes. 

A good offshore software development company will communicate with a software firm to learn their budget and requirements before creating a plan of action. This plan will include milestones for software development that guide offshore developers in their day-to-day roles. 

2. Strong Communication Skills

Regular communication with offshore developers during projects can help software firms reduce mistakes, speed up workflows, and get products to market quicker. Experienced  developers, engineers, and testers will have strong communication skills and understand the importance of exchanging information with software firms about:

  • Processes
  • Objectives
  • Project timelines
  • Status updates
  • Bottlenecks

Communication can happen over the phone, via video calling software, or through a chat messaging system. Even though working in a different time zone can hinder instant communications, offshore developers should exchange information quickly to prevent software development failure. 

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3. Niche Skillsets

You know that an offshore partner is experienced when they have niche talents or an understanding of specific tools and languages rather than general skills. A developer that claims they are good at everything can be a red flag and restrict firms from developing their projects the way they envisioned. 

Everyone on an offshore development team must bring something unique to the table. Here are some specialized skillset to look for when assembling a team of offshore developers:

  • Project management
  • Software engineering (languages include Java, .Net, Python, etc.)
  • Testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Data engineering
  • AI/ML expert

To identify more about niche skills in international teams and if they fit your business objectives, software firms should interview offshore software development companies and ask for case studies and success stories about previous projects.

4. Teamwork and Culture

Offshore software development team collaborating on a new project

Teamwork and collaboration are crucial for a successful development project. Software firms should consider assembling a team that shares its values, mission, and culture. Even though cultural differences can occur when hiring developers from different geographical locations, teams should believe in the same principles when collaborating on projects. This can help build a healthy working environment and strong team dynamic that sets up more prosperous outcomes in the long run. 

5. Enthusiasm for Success

We all love to feel like someone is rooting for us, right? Offshore partners should be passionate about a software firm’s products and exhibit excitement about their project.  The ideal offshore developer will want to achieve the same thing as the software firm they work for: To create high-quality software products that benefit end-users.

As offshoring development firms screen and interview candidates, it can be challenging for software firms to gauge whether a developer will be passionate and enthusiastic about working on a project. However, the best firms will select dynamic and spirited development professionals that want to get the job done and create innovative technology solutions.

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6. Mutual Respect

It’s not uncommon for business partners to often butt heads. However, there shouldn’t  be any animosity between software firms and offshore teams. Instead, companies should find offshore developers that prioritize mutual respect with stakeholders and internal teams. This will create positive working environments and achieve project development goals in the long-term.

Fostering a culture of respect can involve:

  • Rewarding team members (both internally and externally) after the completion of significant milestones 
  • Being understanding of issues that might impact performance and productivity, such as heavy workloads and inflexible service level requirements
  • Providing offshore developers with access to the same high-quality resources as internal teams

7. Understanding Today’s Technology Tools and Trends

Technology Due Diligence concept
Test Data Management Concept with Servers and Databases Forming a Network of Applications Undergoing Tests – TDM – DevOps and App Performance Monitoring – 3D Illustration

The latest technologies can speed up software development, automate processes for all team members, and improve user experience. As the software world evolves, firms should choose offshore developers who understand these technologies and know how to implement them properly. Some technology tools and trends that offshore developers should know about include:

Don’t forget about knowledge of programming languages and automated testing tools to quality-check your product before it goes to market. Check out some of KMS’ very own testing products that are on the market. 

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How KMS Helps With Offshore Development

Offshore project outsourcing can be challenging for software development firms when they are unsure of where to start.  KMS Technology simplifies the process by connecting your company with our top-tier and award-winning teams across Vietnam.  

Working with this technology consulting and offshore software development service helps software firms: 

  • Engage with offshore developers that meet their project requirements and budget
  • Utilize specialist developers with unique skills, such as AI, machine learning, mobile app development, and database management
  • Reduce overhead costs and minimize external recruiting processes
  • Speed up product development and get a software tool to market quicker

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