Salesforce Connections 2024 Recap

Salesforce Connections 2024 (#CNX24) has come and gone, but the energy and excitement it generated at KMS Technology remain! Our team returned buzzing as they peered into some of the insights driving the future of Salesforce.

KMS Technology at Salesforce Connections


The sessions were thriving with innovations – and insights as we got a pulse check on the industry, reconnected with colleagues, and forged new connections. The atmosphere was electric, fostering a space for networking, collaboration, and innovation.

Key Takeaways Shaping the Future – Here are some of the biggest takeaways that resonated with our team:

  • Data: The New Frontier – The conference undeniably highlighted the critical role data plays in every aspect of customer interaction. The Data Cloud was a major focus, and its potential to supercharge marketing, sales, and customer service is undeniable. KMS Technology is excited to leverage this to help clients unlock deeper customer insights, personalize experiences, and drive superior business results.
  • AI Democratization with Einstein – The unveiling of Salesforce Copilot as part of the Einstein AI suite was a game-changer. This technology empowers organizations of all sizes to harness the power of AI for exceptional customer experiences. KMS Technology sees Copilot as a revolutionary tool to automate tasks, free up resources, and make data-driven decisions that truly resonate with customers.
  • Personalization: The Cornerstone of Success – In today’s competitive landscape, personalization is no longer a luxury, it’s essential. Connections 2024 emphasized the need for highly targeted messaging and customized outreach to capture and retain customer attention. KMS Technology is committed to helping clients leverage Salesforce’s personalization capabilities to deliver relevant, engaging experiences that foster loyalty and drive conversions.


Beyond the Insights: – Collaboration

Einstein’s arsenal has expanded for 2024, boasting new superpowers like:

  • Discovery: Unearth hidden gems in your data with predictive analytics and anomaly detection, transforming intuition into actionable foresight.
  • Insights: Craft captivating pulse dashboards that bring data to life, revealing customer sentiment, buying patterns, and hidden opportunities.
  • Automation: Unleash robots that take care of the mundane, from lead scoring to repetitive tasks, freeing your team for strategic brilliance.

KMS Technology at Salesforce Connections

While the conference offered a wealth of information and innovation, the true magic resided in the vibrant community. Connecting with fellow Salesforce enthusiasts, industry leaders, and partners was invaluable. KMS Technology is excited to continue collaborating with our network and continuing to build and translate our learnings into tangible results and actionable strategies for our clients.

We’ll be sharing more about specific innovations, implementation roadmaps, and success stories in the coming weeks.
Stay tuned!


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